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Oh, yes, we’ve heard that there was some celebrating of the holiday going on last weekend. That was not the real holiday. Today is the day Real Irish celebrate. Yes, you can still get in on it.

In honor of the holiday, we present a fine Irish tale set in the Crooked Man universe: The Bum’s Rush, by our own Edward Morris. Pour yourself a glass of the black stuff and come with us into the dangerous places…

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Edward Morris‘s astounding Death, Inc. is now complete on the website. If you’ve been following along each week, you can find the final installment here. To start at the beginning, go here.

In a genre that is all about alternate visions of reality, Ed’s vision is among the widest and deepest. This novella is a prime example of all the things that make him a writer to watch, and we’re proud to host it on the site. Though fully self-contained, it also serves as a wonderful introduction to the vision of his There Was a Crooked Man series, the first book of which you can see here. Enjoy!

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This week’s haunting installment of Edward Morris’s Death, Inc., titled “Locke Mountain Breakdown”, finds our narrator in the mental health ward. He checked himself in; therefore he can check out when he pleases. Right?

Next week, the final installment of this wild ride goes live. Ed has saved the most mind-twisting part for last…

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With apologies for the delay (your delinquent editor just couldn’t get it together) Edward Morris’s mind-twisting Death, Inc. is moving forward again. This week’s installment is cleverly titled Side View: Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry. An absolutely classic tale in its own right, which could be read as a stand-alone. Check it out.

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After a period of communion with the Muse, Ed Morris emerged from the Dreaming Hut with the next installment of Death, Inc. and news–which he is not sharing, no not even with me–on how the rest of it will unfold. We will resume our usual Friday schedule this week.

Meanwhile, if you’re new to Death, Inc., this is a good place to start: with the intro on the THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN page of the website, which will lead you through the first ten installments.

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Ed Morris’s tale continues to unfold this week, and our Assistant Coroner is still on the trail–and having trouble hearing critical details. What is this, inter-reality feedback? And I thought it was bad when the feedback was just electronic.

Read the latest here. Or, if you’re new to this particular flavor of reality, start here.

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The next installment of Edward Morris’s fantastic Death, Inc.: There Was a Crooked Man, Book Zero is now up on the website. They just keep getting better. You can read Canvas 9 here, or if you haven’t been following along, you can start at the beginning.

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Death Inc. 8, the newest installment of Edward Morris’s mind-bending alt-history tour de force, is finally up. Hey, it’s still Friday, right?

This is the best one yet. This ride just keeps getting better.

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Merry Christmas! We’re slipping one last thing under the tree: the next installment of Death, Inc. by Edward Morris. This is the best one yet.

“Hopefully they stop,” was her final word on the matter, mostly. “It’s been, what, a good couple of months now and no more have come in? Maybe your Storyteller got tired. Maybe this whole thing is just your brain trying to make some sense out of an insane situation, which is, Schiya Myelnik–” She only ever said my whole name when she was trying to get me to listen. “A sane response.

Catch it here.

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After a week of polling, Edward Morris has a fantastic denouement in store for Death, Inc. But we aren’t quite ready to publish the next installment.

Check back with us next week for Canvas Seven.

Trust us: it’ll be worth the wait.

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