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We’re heading out on the road again: this time to RavenCon in Richmond, VA, which will be held at the Holiday Inn Koger Center, Friday, April 5 through Sunday, April 7. We just adore Raven for its wonderful mix of bookish, filk, and media programming and guests, and we’re really looking forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new ones. This year there will be several of us participating in programming: Barbara Friend Ish, Jonah Knight, and Leona Wisoker. And we’re bringing a terrific party for Leona’s fourth installment in her Children of the Desert series, Fires of the Desertfeaturing not only Leona, her beautiful new book, and dinner, but Jonah’s new Children of the Desert song. We’ll be selling Fires of the Desert and all our books from our table in the Dealers Room–and Fires of the Desert will be available for purchase at the launch as well.

Elsewhere around the con, we’ll be sitting on plenty of panels, doing concerts (well, Jonah will), and holding the fantastic meaty conversations for which RavenCon is rightly famous. You can catch us at these program events:


Friday 3 PM–Writing Fight Scenes
Friday 10 PM–Fighting Writer’s Block
Saturday 9 AM–What’s New from Perseid Publishing
Saturday 6 PM–Launch Party for Fires of the Desert
Saturday 9 PM–Reading
Sunday 10 AM–Writing Up Close and Personal
Sunday 1 PM–Signing


Friday 7 PM–Performance at Opening Ceremonies
Saturday 12 PM–Concert
Saturday 2 PM–Signing
Saturday 3 PM–History of Podcasting
Saturday 6 PM–Launch Party for Fires of the Desert (Jonah will perform his new Children of the Desert song)
Saturday 8 PM–Geek Music
Sunday 10 AM–Cross-Media Collaboration
Sunday 1 PM–Concert


Friday 4 PM–Another Galactic Empire
Saturday 1 PM–Potions, Poisons and Plots: Inventive ways to kill a character 
Saturday 4 PM–Social Media for the Introvert
Saturday 6 PM–Launch Party for Fires of the Desert
Sunday 10 AM–Cross-Media Collaboration
Sunday 11 AM–Naming Names, Titling Titles

Come out and see us this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

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Here’s an event you won’t want to miss: the official launch party for Book 4 of Leona Wisoker‘s acclaimed Children of the Desert series, Fires of the Desert. We’ll be celebrating Leona’s fourth book-day at RavenCon in Richmond, Virginia, at 6 PM on Saturday, April 6. The party will take place in the con suite, and will include Leona and her fabulous new book, dinner, and other entertainments. Did we mention dinner?

Fires front cover RGB

Says Leona,

It’s in the con suite+it’s at 6 pm on a Saturday night=DINNER is MANDATORY. There will be veggie trays, homemade flatbread, cheeses, a shredded spicy beef dish in a crockpot, coffee, tea, pickled things, and cake. And other things. Depending on how crazy I get over the next week of con prep.

In addition, there will be an additional Moment of Awesome: our own Jonah Knight will be playing his new Children of the Desert song at the launch. This song is a HUGE SECRET. No one but Jonah has heard it. Nobody who’s currently breathing, anyway. This will be your chance.

You can keep up with late-breaking developments by joining the event on Facebook. And naturally we’ll be selling the book at our table in the Dealers Room all weekend, and copies will be available at the launch as well.

Can’t make it that night? Con-phobic? There will be a secondary event the following weekend. Details here.

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When I read Secrets of the Sands, the first book in Leona Wisoker’s Children of the Desert series, I had what seems to be the same reaction that everyone else did: I thought it was fantastic. At a number of conventions I would pitch the book to potential readers, occasionally in front of Leona. It almost became a game. I would praise her book and watch her blush. Good times.

In a matter of days at Ravencon, Fires of the Desert, the fourth book in the series, will be released. To help celebrate, I have written a song inspired by the books that I will be performing at the book launch party.

I have written a handful of songs based on other people’s books and webcomics. When I begin the creation of a derivative work, there are a few different ways to approach it. If the story is compact and full of closely knit plot points, I tend to write a plot heavy song. A song regaling the action, often speaking in first person as one of the main characters. If the book emphasizes mood, setting, or internal monologue, a story song is usually not very effective. Broad strokes to capture tone and imagery are usually the way to go.

After reading all four of Leona’s books (yes, I got advance copies!) I found myself facing an interesting challenge. These books have a large cast of vivid characters traveling over a sprawling world speaking in multiple dialects attempting to achieve multiple objectives. How do I approach condensing four thick fantasy novels into the three verses of a single 3-4 minute song?

The answer to How came by changing the question to Who. Who is the audience for this song? Once the song is recorded and added into my live set list, folks that hear it will likely need an introduction to the world, the tone, and the characters, requiring a sort of blending of my usual approaches. As the performer of the song Children of the Desert, I am more of a bard than in previous songs. Let me tell you a story and take you away. I think this is the way the characters in the story would encounter a song and the sort of song that it would be.

So far, I’ve kept the song a secret.  But that secret ends at Ravencon. Hope to see you there.

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Jonah Knight“So how,” you ask, “does a person get to be a SF/F convention musician? Are people just born knowing they want to write songs about, well, creepy stuff?”

We heard you. Mercury hears everything, you know. That’s his schtick.

Fortunately, Elizabeth Campbell, Lady Darkcargo, is tuned into his vibe as well. She got Jonah to answer that question on Darkcargo.

Read on.

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I am delighted to announce the reboot, or perhaps the re-spawn, of Edward Morris‘s brilliant There Was a Crooked Man. We’ve been sharing the novella of that name with readers for a few years now, and it’s a perennial reader favorite–but Ed and I both knew there was more to the story. Finally we’ve assembled a team that can do Ed’s sweeping vision justice.

Editor Joe Pulver has signed on with Mercury Retrograde as Editor and Project Shepherd for There Was a Crooked Man. Artist Nick Gucker will be handling art for the project, including covers and interior maps. Together they bring a new and wonderful flavor of Crazy to the madness around here, and their long lists of accomplishments speak volumes:

Joe Pulver is a writer, poet, and editor with two published novels to date: Nightmare’s Disciple (Chaosium 1999; intro Robert M. Price) and The Orphan Palace (Chomu Press 2011; intro Michael Cisco). He is currently editing two anthologies for Miskatonic River Press: A Season in Carcosa and The Grimscribe’s Puppets; both anthologies to be released in 2012. He also edits Phantasmagorium magazine. Previously, he edited Ann K. Schwader’s widely-acclaimed The Worms Remember and John B. Ford’s Dark Shadows on the Moon, and several magazines including Tales of Lovecraftian Horror and Cthulhu Codex. His list of works on the other side of the desk is equally impressive, and it’s my great pleasure and privilege to work with him.

Nick Gucker’s art has appeared in the pages of Strange Aeons Magazine and The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction. His illustrations have decorated the pages of ALL-MONSTER ACTION! by Los Angeles-based writer and raconteur Cody Goodfellow, the novelette ‘The Eye of Infinity’ by Sci-Fi mythos writer David Conyers for Perilous Press, The Aklonoimicon anthology from Aklo Press as well as a custom handmade, hand-bound Limited Edition hardback Printing of “Under the Pyramids” written by H.P. Lovecraft and re-issued by Lance Thingmaker of Creepycult. Nick has also painted acrylic and watercolor book covers for Blysster Press authors Clyde Wolfe, R.L. Reeves and M.R. Mitchell and Crypticon Seattle’s 2011 and 2012 “De-Compostions” horror anthologies. His artistic contributions can be found in online publications including Lovecraftzine.com and Thisishorror.co.uk. His unique, one-of-a-kind custom commission pieces have graced the walls and limbs of various and sundry patrons of the arts. It is a pleasure to be working with him as well.

You can learn more about both of these artists by clicking through the links above, which lead to their respective profiles on our site. I have already learned how truly professional and delightful they both are, and I can’t wait to share the results of their collaboration with Ed with you.

And, oh, the collaboration! Here’s what they’ve got in the pipeline for the fully-realized version of There Was a Crooked Man by Edward Morris:

There Was a Crooked Man, Second Edition: Ed has redeveloped the original novella to a completely different level. Even those who have read the First Edition will want to pick this one up, and see how he has truly brought his vision to fruition: not least because some of the new material is important to the tale going forward.


Hell or High Water

Birth of a Nation

Alphabet of Lightning

Pop Goes the World

Wish You Were Here

…and Ed is putting the final touches on an as-yet-untitled eighth novella, even as I type these words.

This series is down-the-rabbit-hole post-apocalyptic rewiring-the-past mayhem, in which a madman seeks total control of time and everything in it–and a group of psychic operatives dip in and out of space and time trying to stop him. If Hieronymus Bosch wrote novellas, they might be something like this.

And that’s not all the crazy we’ve got lined up for you, because Jonah Knight will be developing a series of songs to go along with the novellas. If you’ve heard Jonah’s work and read Ed’s, I know you are already smiling. These two fevered brains together will be the best sort of alchemy.

When? you say. When can I get my hands on all these lovely acid trips and have Ed rewire my brain?

Patience, O explorer of the dark realms. Joe and his merry band will be putting these together one at a time and sending them out into the world as soon as they are ready. We presently anticipate rolling releases beginning early in 2013, probably every couple months. We’ll be announcing release dates and pre-ordering in the newsletter as they become available.

Welcome, Joe and Nick! We’re glad you’re here.

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We’re delighted to welcome paranormal modern folk musician Jonah Knight as a Creative Affiliate of Mercury Retrograde Press. Jonah writes and performs songs about ghosts & monsters, superheroes & space travel. He is a frequent performer at SF/F conventions throughout the mid-Atlantic region. This year, he has played concerts at MarsCon, Farpoint, RavenCon, Balticon, The Steampunk World’s Fair, and Madicon, where he was the Musical Guest of Honor. His discography includes Ghosts Don’t Disappear (2010), The Exploration of Dangerous Places (2010), Nobody Gets The Girl (2011) and The Age Of Steam: Strange Machines (2011). Jonah plans to develop a series of works based on books by Mercury Retrograde authors and to collaborate with the house on the development of games and transmedia projects. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with him, and look forward to some songs about stories we already love.

You can learn more about Jonah and his cool projects at www.jonahofthesea.com

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